Included are samples of my work in the corporate world as well as samples from my educational training.

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Program Statement Document

Program Statement

Instructional Design

Image of Website created at South Carolina Department of Education titled Social Emotional Learning

Social Emotional Learning WireFrame

Icons and WireFrames

Image of web page Vegan Beauty created while a student

Vegan Beauty

Instructional Design

Website created for private client - Not Accessible or current

Bake Farm Cakes - Under construction

Icons and WireFrames

Google drive Design Document

Design Document

Instructional Design

Wireframe image for personalizesc website

Personalized WireFrame

Icons and WireFrames

Youtube video fof class at Lexington Innovation Center

Innovation Center Video


Video of Captivate project created in 2021


Instructional Design

Wireframe created for SC Department of Education

Department of Education WireFrame

Icons and WireFrames

Video made for Limesurvey at SC Department of Education

Lime Survey


Website created for Social Emotional Learning

Social Emotional Learning Website

Web Design

Instructional Design Document located on Google drive

Instructional Design Document

Instructional Design

Instructional Design blog


Instructional Design

Link to Blackboard course


Instructional Design

Website created for SC Department of Education Personalized Learning

Personalized Learning

Website Design

Link to portfolio

Banner for EdTech

Icons and Wireframes

Link to DOE WireFrame

DOE WireFrame

Icons and WireFrames

Animation One website external link

Animation One Website

Instructional Design

Illustrator demo


Icons and WireFrames

Logo for SCOIS


Icons and WireFrames